Out of the whole semester these are my Top 20! I can’t believe how much I learned and will continuing learning. It was a blast the whole semester and the friends that I made or have become closer too are so precious to me.


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Portrait Photography

Portraits are my favorite! Here are a couple of shots that I took when we were at the excursion at the Tetons.


I think this photo would of been better if it was an axe in his hands but the fishing pole did just fine!


This is my friend Kiley and she did a great job modeling. I love her4 face in this photo and the lighting of it.

We had to cut our trip short on the excursion due to plumbing problems. So we went to a local venue called the Venue. We had models come in and we had another photoshoot to make up the day that we lost on the excursion.


I love this photo because it kind of looks back in the day and old fashion. Also I think that she looks like a doll.



It took the longest time for me to figure out the lighting but once it finally worked it came out beautifully.



These were the beautiful models and I’m grateful that they were all willing to let the whole class take their photos. I had a great time in this class and learned so much in the short amount of time that we had together.


Food & Product Photography

This was my first time doing food and product photography so I was excited. This is something that I really enjoyed. Here are some of the examples of the best ones I shot.



I did my blog post about this last time. This is the one that I decided to print. It came out really good!


I like this photo a lot because it reminds me of a warm meal because soup is warm. Also I love bread! Bread and soup together is BOMB!


Besides the taco picture, this is my other favorites. I love the reds in it.



Who needs snow when you have flour? That is how we got the snow effect and we put a black poster board for theĀ  background.


This photo was really fun to take. We put black poster board behind and the product was on a glass table. My friends were spraying water while I was taking the picture to get the spray effect.


This was my least favorite photo but I do like the simpleness of it.

Fine Art Print

In one of the buildings on campus we were able to make a print of one of our fine art photos from the Photography Excursion we went on a couple of weeks ago.

This is the photo that I chose…


This is the unedited version and so we learned a couple of editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. I learned how to bring out the color way more than I thought I could. Then the edited version was this…Tacos

I had to review this with my professor so that another student wouldn’t print out a similar photo like this. She also told me that I should lighten the photo up a little bit more because the printer tends to print darker. I lightened it up a little and this was the result.


The end result…




Fine Art

These are more photos from the trip that we took in the Tetons. I hadn’t really done landscape photography before this trip so that was something new. Something that was hard for me was that there was not really a main subject in landscape. In portraiture there’s a subject and you create photos with the person but with landscape, it’s the whole thing. That was something that I had to get used to quick. I wasn’t in love when I was taking these photos but when I went to edit them, I really did like how it came out. Landscape is not that bad. Overall, I liked it a lot because it just gives you another way to be more creative.

These are a few of my Fine Art at and around the Teton National Park.


In this photo, I love how the reflection in the water is so clear.


It was freezing right before the sunrise. I was so grateful to see the sun.


This was from the other view. I loved how the sun rays were on the mountains.


We stayed at a cabin in Victor, Idaho and the view the cabin had was beautiful. It was a sight that a girl from New York is not used to. Here are a couple shots around the cabin.


This was the backyard. I’m happy that we were able to get some sky because most of the time, it was cloudy.


There was a horse stable by the cabin. The horses were definitely posing for us.


They had a pond in the back and it was perfect with the mountains in the background.

These were some of my favorite Fine Arts.

Long Exposure

I had a exciting opportunity to go on a Photography Excursion in the Grand Tetons and around Victor, Idaho. I’m so grateful for all the things that I have learned and all the things that my Professor and her T.A. were willing to teach us.

We practiced long exposure photography and light painting. Light painting was so fun and easy but, I have to say that it is something that you have to become good at. My first couple attempts were not the best. It was either the lighting wasn’t right or the setting weren’t but once everything fell into place, that’s when you make magic.

Here are some few examples of my best ones.




We did outdoor long exposures as well. Here is an example of that.


So for this photo, we attached fairy lights to my shoes and I was spinning on my feet. Our friend was the one who shot the speed light from the side where you can see my hair. With the long exposure that’s how the photo came out.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to do all these things and find out that anyone can do them.


The Hate U Give

Interesting fact! I never saw this movie or read the book. I have only saw trailers of it but this movie quickly caught my attention. This movie is about a girl named Starr Carter and she witnesses a police shooting of her childhood friend. After she witnesses that, she is motivated to activism.


The original movie poster is below. The movie just came out too!

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 9.34.32 PM

It was a book first and they made it into a movie. For the movie poster they used the cover of the book.


This was my set up shot. I cleared the living room space where the table where and set up my speed lights. I wanted to make sure that I was well lit.

I think this movie will be really good. I feel that it talks about a good topic even though it might by controversial.

I chose this movie because the girl had the same hair and skin tone as me. That was really helpful because that usually doesn’t happen.